I want to tell you something about my city which name is Saskatoon. I came to Saskatoon three years ago. It’s a really nice city where you can find a lot of fun staff to do. Saskatoon it’s a small city with 300,642 amount of people.

In Winter time, you have chance to see Polar light, it’s really beautiful.  In my city, in Winter it’s really cold, but at this time we have a lot of celebration and festivals! Also in Summer we have a really great festival which name is ” Folk Fest”. This celebration will be at different pavilions from different cultures. You will get a chance to see the different traditions, food and clothing. Besides that , there is a lot of Ukrainian celebrations like: Ukrainian day, Ukrainian Easter,festival Vesna.

The most beautiful place in Saskatoon is river. At night you can take your car and drive through the bridge and see all the beauty of that river and Saskatoon!

I really glad to live in city like this, and I really glad that I’m Miss Teenage Saskatoon District!Vesna-Ukrainian-festival2011-05-101-0115-D-Vesna-Festival-2011 saskatoonmain665_1457199894216_4 15


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