1) I’m Ukrainian

2) My platform is to protect homeless animals.

3) I been in Canada for 3 years

4) I can speak Ukrainian, Russian and English.

5) My favorite color is pink

6) I never tried Starbucks

7) I’m 14

8) My favorite subject is Science

9) I want to become a veterinarian

10) I like to sing and draw

11) I love to play with Photoshop and Video editor

12) My name means “fluffy”

13) I have a cat from Ukraine.

14) I love to do exercise

15) I have an older brother

16) I been in choir for 8 years

17) I’m Miss Teenage Saskatoon District

18) My favorite quote is ” Stars can’t shine without darkness”

19) My favorite food is sushi)

20) I love to spend my free time outside.

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Written by: Yulia

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