2016 search for Miss Teenage Canada has officially begun!

At Sunday I finally arrived to Toronto from Saskatoon for Miss Teenage Canada 2016!


At 6:30 pm me and the other girls went to the ball room for welcoming ceremony! After that we began our Welcoming Party! The Welcoming party was fun! I got a chance to meet a lot of new people. Also we got many prizes from sponsors of Miss Teenage Canada, like clothes, shoes,! The atmosphere was very beautiful! We played a lot of fun games and then Miss Teenage Canada 2015 sliced the cake. We took a lot of pictures that night and it was fun.


At Sunday we got a lot of good stuff! I’ll show it to you and I’ll give you a link to each product.



Nuvango:  the company which provides a different types of live designs. I got a chance to get a t-shirt from Nuvango!  The quality is really food and I really like it!

If you want to order something from there or just to look up, just follow them on:

Instagram: @nuvango



V.P.I Canada

This company designs a different types of sunglasses!

They gave our their new glasses!

If you want to buy the same pair of glasses  should look here:

Patterned Round Framed Sunglasses (3805)

you can buy them for $28 dollars!!!

I would recommend you to buy those!


Sweets Canada!!!

If you like chocolate as me, then it’s a great opportunity to try different types of those! It’s really yummy and it taste god. Also I got a free bag with candies!!!

Twitter: @SweetsCanadaCa


Sally Hantson

This is a make up company which produce only natural products!

At the welcoming party we got a chance to get a  free cream! .



It’s a company where you can play or learn how to play golf!!!

On the welcoming party we got a chance to play this wonderful game! This game brought to us a lot of smiles!

Archer’s Arena

At the party we took a lot of pictures with the marshmallow! It was fun to play this game through the photos!

We all playing this game on July 21! At that night do not forget to check for  the hash tag



Bata Shoes museum

It’s a museum which have a thousands of shoes collection!

It was interesting to listen to the different stories and histories.


Storia PR in toronro

It’s a company which is a part of MTC . They are trying to retweet about everything that w do or post.

Yogen fruiz

Thank you for the free $15 coupon!


Hashtagio is Social Media Aggregator and User Generated Marketing Platform, which was on display, collecting all of our social media marked with # MissTeenageCanada2016, and then projecting it live at the party.

Rimmee London

They make a welcoming bags for girls. They did put on the welcoming party a make up station.


Written by: Yulia

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